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Read about our patients' life-changing experiences with the neurosurgeons, physical medicine specialists and spine specialized physical therapists at North Jersey Spine Group. Read stories.

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Jersey top doctors, Dr Raj Raab, neurosurgeon wayneNorth Jersey Spine Group is pleased to announce that Dr. Rajnik Raab has been selected by his peers as a 2013 Jersey Choice Top Doctor by New Jersey Monthly. Click here to read more about Dr. Raab's Jersey Choice award.

Becker's spine review, spine surgery practices to knowNorth Jersey Spine Group recognized in 2013 listing of "Spine Surgery Practices to Know" by Becker's Spine Review. Click here to view the complete list of "Spine Surgery Practices to Know" on the Becker's Spine Review website.

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Patient Testimonials

Read about our patients' life-changing experiences with the physicians at North Jersey Spine Group. Details about each success story are available to view by selecting the associated image to the left (new window will open).

Nonsurgical Recovery | When Surgery in Needed

“I felt immediate pain relief after my spine surgery,” Haide reflects.

aaron testimonial spine surgery success new jersey


Haide was referred to Dr. Rajnik Raab at North Jersey Spine Group early in 2014 after an MRI revealed she had severe cervical stenosis.

Her stenosis symptoms were impacting her lifestyle and making some of her favorite activities — including travel & enjoying time with her family — impossible.

Haide first noticed mild pain symptoms in her neck, hand and arm, primarily on her left side, about three years earlier.

As time passed, instead of her symptoms getting better, Haide noticed them worsening. She also started having left leg pain along with numbness, tingling and weakness that extended from her neck to her leg. Haide was alarmed when these symptoms became persistent. Simple activities such as driving, getting dressed and walking stairs became impossible for her to complete on her own. “The numbness and weakness I felt in my left leg had me fearful to go to the grocery store — I was afraid of falling.”

Click here to read more about Haide's success story.


Nonsurgical Recovery

thomas success story new jersey recovery from back pain


Back on Track after non-surgical spine treatment, including physical therapy, at North Jersey Spine Group.

One of the track events Thomas competes in is the triple jump, which in time, can take a toll on even the youngest athlete. He began experiencing mild back pain along with pain into the side of his glutes in April 2010. Thomas didn’t think much of the pain at first and continued on as normal. But, he soon noticed the symptoms worsening and becoming more persistent. Learn more about Thomas' successful non-surgical recovery from back pain, click here.




aaron testimonial spine surgery success new jersey


With her neck pain behind her, it’s finally time for a walk in the park

Hanny enjoys staying physically active, some of her favorite activities include walking her dogs and hiking. She began experiencing neck pain about a year ago when she woke up to excruciating pain in the back of her neck that radiated into her left arm. While it was startling to wake up to the pain, she wasn’t overly concerned about it at first.

As the days and months went by though, Hanny found that the neck pain symptoms lingered. “After that first night, my symptoms never completely went away,” Hanny remembers. “At times my left arm would go numb and I would feel a burning sensation, like my arm was on fire.”

Click here to read more about Hanny's success story.

aaron testimonial spine surgery success new jersey


Successful accountant back on the job without pain after spine surgery & therapy to relieve a herniated disc

As a certified public accountant, Aaron often works long hours at a time on his computer. He began having low back pain off and on again a few years ago. The pain started out mild at first but as time went by the pain worsened and became more constant. In September of 2010, Aaron started feeling severe low back pain that radiated into his left leg. His orthopedic physician ordered an MRI of his spine. After viewing the MRI, the physician referred him to Dr. David Sundstrom, a spine specialized neurosurgeon at North Jersey Spine Group. Click here to read more about Aaron's success story.

joan testimonial


Outdoor enthusiast undergoes corrective surgery to successfully relieve years of back pain

Joan began thinking about all of the things she enjoys, such as gardening, fishing and attending professional football games, that she would not be able to experience because of the pain. After an unsuccessful surgery intended to treat her problem, Joan could barely lift her right arm. She was referred to Dr. Sundstrom at North Jersey Spine Group. After performing various tests to determine the best treatment option, Dr. Sundstrom determined that surgery would be necessary to correct her condition. Today, Joan is back to enjoying some of her favorite outdoor activities with normal strength and sensation. Learn more about Joan's success story.

donald testimonial


Arthritis doesn't cripple patient's lifestyle

Donald had lived with the pain and complications of rheumatoid arthritis for several decades. In addition to the pain associated with his arthritis, he began experiencing neck pain along with upper extremity sensory changes. After a visit with his primary care physician in September 2007, Donald was referred North Jersey Spine Group. Dr. Raab determined that Donald would need surgery in order to relieve the pain symptoms and correct the problems caused by his arthritis. Six months later, Donald is free of neck pain and able to return to his normal activities. Learn more about Donald's success story.

lisa testimonial


Active mother and teacher finds relief with surgery

Lisa began experiencing mild discomfort in her left leg during her pregnancy in the summer of 2007. At first, the pain did not disrupt her everyday life, so she was not too alarmed. It wasn’t until the pain worsened considerably and could be felt from her ankle to her waist that she really became concerned about how the pain would affect her lifestyle. Lisa later learned that she had a herniated disc at L5-S1. She visited Dr. David Sundstrom, a neurological surgeon at North Jersey Spine Group and together they decided that surgery was the best treatment option for her. Dr. Sundstrom performed a micro discectomy through a small incision in her back. Today, Lisa is doing well and able to take walks with her seven-month-old son in his stroller. Learn more about Lisa's success story.

dorothy testimonial


After months of fragmented care, patient finds relief at spine center

Dorothy was like many back pain sufferers, bouncing from one back doctor to another. Her journey ended with Dr. David Sundstrom at North Jersey Spine Group. Dorothy began experiencing back pain symptoms early in 2007, and while the pain was tolerable at first, she soon realized that her pain was worsening, not getting better. Today, Dorothy is pain free and back to her normal activities, including taking her dog for walks. Learn more about Dorothy's success story.

brian testimonial


Police officer back to active duty after spine specialized surgery

Brian first started experiencing lower back pain early in 2007. The pain was bearable at first, but soon it started radiating from his lower back into his right leg and foot. Brian knew something had to be done. Dr. David Sundstrom of North Jersey Spine Group tried non-surgical treatment for Brian at first, but the pain did not go away. It was soon evident that surgery would be necessary. Today, Brian is stretching daily and able to work out at his local gym. Best of all, he is also able to once again enjoy a game of golf. Learn more about Brian's success story.


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