Neurosurgeons Perform Laminectomy Surgery At North Jersey Spine Group

A laminectomy is a surgical decompression of the lamina bone that can press on the nerves, disc, or spinal cord for a number of different reasons. By alleviating the pressure from the misshapen lamina, the patient regains their strength, movement, while drastically reducing their pain level. Common conditions that may become severe enough to require a laminectomy include arthritis of the spine, degenerative diseases of the spine, spinal infections, bone spurs, spinal stenosis, or a severely herniated disc that requires a discectomy.

Choosing North Jersey Spine Group For The Best Laminectomy Outcome

When traditional treatment options such as spine injections known as epidural injections, physical therapy or pain medication cannot alleviate pain and restore movement and function, in order to resolve the spine disease, a laminectomy may be required. It is a very common type or required back surgery and is routinely completed by brain neurosurgeons as well as orthopedic spine surgeons. Following this procedure, patients restore their strength and flexibility with physical therapy.

Common causes for patients to undergo a laminectomy surgery stem from arthritis of the spine, bone spurs, spinal stenosis, or by way of other surgery (discectomy) to remove a herniated disc.

Trusted Spine Experts Offer Comprehensive and Convenient Care Across Northern New Jersey

The expert spine team at North Jersey Spine Group (NJSG) is comprised of board-certified neurosurgeons who are spine surgeons, physiatrists, pain management physicians, and physical therapists collectibely handling each case. NJSG delivers patient compassion from the consultation, through post-operative follow-up, and physical therapy. NJSG is the state’s largest comphrehensive brain, neck and back care center offering multiple facilities which span from Bergen County to Morris County including the surrounding areas of Jersey City, Clifton, and Franklin, NJ. To learn more about laminectomy or conservative non-surgical management contact NJSG today.

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